Age: 20
Grösse: 167//50kg
Brest size: 70a
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Languages: German,English
Dress style: Sportly and elegant
Favorite Couisine and Drinks: Wine & Pasta
Favorite Parfüme: D&G


Sophia is just 20 years old and at this young age, she is a popular escort with a great deal of sophistication in her. She has become a successful companion at the young age of 20 through her dedication, honesty and sincerity in her work. She is a very honest person and has a certain amount of innocence in her. She is professional enough to deliver what she promises her clients. She is very transparent in her dealings and there are no hidden surprises for you. The only surprise is her hidden nature that is always a pleasure to know more about. 


An escort with beautiful features

Sophia’s eyes are her best feature, and her attractive blue eyes will make anyone want to look at her again and again. She carefully applies make-up in such a way that her eyes are accentuated and makes her look ultra attractive. Also, it is quite a wonderful experience to spend your time with such a beautiful person in your arms. Her blonde hair is another asset and wraps beautifully around her shoulders. Her soft hair feels wonderful in your fingers when it slips through them. It is like the soft desert sand that slips through your fingers. 


With the blonde appearance and soft blue eyes, she can be a pleasure to hang around with and also a prestigious one. When you take her out for parties, a lot of people will be ogling at you wondering who this amazing beauty with you is. When you are with her, you can look forward to attending all those important high profile events without any back thoughts. Her bra size is a perfect natural and she can fit into any type of clothing easily. Her beautiful and splendid body can make her look ultra attractive in any type of clothing. She can carry an evening gown or casuals with great sophistication.