I emphasize the importance of being yourself. There are unfortunately some expectations that come with being a high class escort, like dressing a certain way or emulating the “elite”. But honestly, you can still be a high-end escort and avoid these things. Some men are interested in fancy lingerie, others not at all. Some care about being polished, others don’t focus on such details. Basically, an escort girl can NEVER address everyone, no matter how you behave. When someone tries to manipulate their behavior to achieve some sort of “ideal” or “perfect” personality, they’re setting themselves up for disappointment. Yes, even the most beautiful woman (by society’s commercial standards) can be unattractive to certain men,

It’s “wrong” when you internalize the idea that it’s wrong. The shame associated with sexuality and sexual expression has a history, shown by the French philosopher Michel Foucault in A History of Sexuality, as a modern European phenomenon that emerged in the late 19th century in the context of the European obsession with trying to scientifically investigate be, came to define sex. The remnants of these constructed ideas still exist – in social attitudes, in laws, etc. If you understand the history of sexuality, you can probably understand why many people feel shame about certain sexualities, sexual acts, or maybe. excess ‘of it.

Consider that there have been escorts/courtesans at other times and places where they were celebrated and held important status in certain societies. The context was very different from today. The evils of sex work today are related to the current social, political and economic context.

If you sleep with a girl and show her respect by being considerate, polite, treating her as an equal and paying her for her time, how can it be wrong? But if you treat them unfairly and insignificantly, then yes… you are harming another human soul.

This question really bothers me because there is no such thing as a perfect body. Unfortunately, many people live in capitalist consumer societies where they are manipulated into believing that shallow perfection exists. Such manipulations lead one to believe that they are flawed and need to “improve” themselves. What is perfection? Perfection, like beauty, is subjective in the eye of the beholder – there is no single type or “ideal” for all. Such is the case with escorting, as what is “perfect” for one client differs significantly from the other. There are escorts of all shapes and sizes. Don’t fall for this tactic of believing in a perfect body type or looks.

4. Do escorts prefer rich men?
I’ve wanted to address this question for a long time because there is a stereotype of escorts who are willing to have sex with any man who offers them money. Some are more or less demanding than others. There is also an assumption that escorts strongly favor wealthy men. My personal preferences may differ from other escorts as I prefer quality over quantity. As a courtesan, I see customers very critically and sparingly. I’m very picky about who I see as clients with because I want to meet men that I can potentially enjoy. So I choose men who I think will be a positive experience – regardless of their social status. Wealth does not imply decency, respect, pleasure, or even generosity.

In fact, escorts love men who are generous. But over the years I’ve learned that generosity doesn’t necessarily mean being rich or wealthy. I have met generous men from all walks of life. Just because someone has a fancy job and wears fancy clothes doesn’t mean they’re a good customer, good at sex, or have a good heart. level or dignity. When I was living abroad in a major city, there was a very tragic abundance of wealthy businessmen offering HUGE sums of money to top class escorts to “party” with. By “party” I mean drugs. Unfortunately, many escorts are lured to these clients because of the high payout. But are large sums of money worth the awful, soulless atmosphere? I give my best, to avoid this kind of customers. But unfortunately many escorts don’t do it. I am saddened when I see women chasing certain rich men who have more “soulless” attitudes and values. The money is not worth the deterioration and the consequences that follow. In fact, not all wealthy clients are soulless as there are some wealthy clients who fortunately maintain humility.

I hate arrogant and chauvinistic guys (men who boast about their achievements and money). I don’t care how much money is offered, my comfort always comes first. For example, I recently received an email from a man who claims to be a “rich businessman.” I know so-called “charming” customers, so I rolled my eyes when I read his email. I’ve met lovely generous and/or wealthy men who do NOT need to boast about their financial success, so I’m very skeptical of arrogant guys. In any case, this man had offered me a large sum of money for an appointment of several hours. To top off his arrogance, he had to mention that he would drive his self-proclaimed luxury car. After reading his email I shook my head in dismay. Does he really think I’m that stupid and shallow? Since he is so superficial, he will most likely judge me on the same superficial basis. I could only imagine how uncomfortable I would be with such an arrogant person. I wanted to email him back and give him a few thoughts: “I don’t care about your money or your car. I’m not a mindless woman easily swayed by someone whose only quality is money! “Instead, I just ignored the email. how uncomfortable I would be with such an arrogant person. I wanted to email him back and give him a few thoughts: “I don’t care about your money or your car. I’m not a mindless woman easily swayed by someone whose only quality is money! “Instead, I just ignored the email. how uncomfortable I would be with such an arrogant person. I wanted to email him back and give him a few thoughts: “I don’t care about your money or your car. I’m not a mindless woman easily swayed by someone whose only quality is money! “Instead, I just ignored the email.

I’ve also had decent clients who wanted to get more personal and they made generous offers. But I wasn’t comfortable with seeing them outside, such as at dinner, on outings, or when traveling. So I declined. Again, I don’t care how much money is offered, I will not exceed my comfort level.

Glances can be misleading, so I’ve learned not to judge on first appearance. I will never forget one of my sweetest customers. It was in a brothel. When I first saw him I was scared. He was an extremely tall and broad man with a very stern and hard looking face and sturdy worker clothes – he looked like he would tear me in half. But as soon as we entered the bedroom, I heard his voice. He was a gentle, gentle, sweet man. His intimidating appearance was instantly toned down. It turned out that he was extraordinarily gifted at giving pleasure. He also gave me very generous tips after each appointment which I found shocking at first because he looked quite brusque! There were many others like him who I went wrong on first appearance, only to be impressed later by their kindness and generosity. Likewise, a customer might be well dressed, wear expensive designer items, boast of their achievements, and turn out to be cheap. You can afford a Mercedes and still ask a companion for a discount?

Overall, great customers cannot be defined by their money. I’ve always liked humble men who have kind hearts and good intentions that come in all walks of life. What saddens me is that escorts can be cruel themselves. Working in a brothel, I found that escorts were often rude to “unattractive” or socially nervous clients. These men were nice and kind, but because they seemed “uncool” or shy, some escorts treated them cruelly. I try not to judge clients by their first appearance, but by how they treat me. A genuinely warm heart and kind soul makes someone attractive in my eyes. Essentially, then, in all people there is

My sheikh does not come from a wealthy Saudi family. I wrongly assumed he was a rich Saudi because he was very generous to me from the start. In reality, however, he is simply blessed with a highly qualified job and education, which is accompanied by a very handsome salary. But he has no family support. I have always wondered why he is extremely loving, devoted and generous to me. Thanks to him, almost 3 years of my life have been made easier by his sweetness. Despite everything he gave, he never put any conditions on me. Instead, he let me lovingly control him. I’ve come to realize that those who have less often appreciate the value of something more than those who have everything. My sheikh is so humble that’s why i love him so much. Blessed is his beautiful heart.