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Imagine the perfect day in Zurich. In the morning, your smartphone wakes you up in a first-class hotel. The weather is going to be good, your stocks are up and at breakfast a beautiful brunette smiles warmly at you.

The cab this time is driven by a redhead who doesn’t talk too much, but is cheekily watching you through the rearview mirror. Your business partner is an elite businessman, with an office on one of the upper floors in Europaallee. From there, you have a wonderful view over the entire city or, alternatively, into the magnificent blue eyes of the enchanting blonde at the reception desk.

After hours of painstaking negotiations, you walk away the winner. You have won the deal and achieved a business deal of a considerable amount. But the real highlight is yet to come.

A perfect night in Zurich

Back at the hotel, Anna or Jessica, Kimberley or Sophia, Veronika or Paola or one of our 34 other sexy escort girls in all skin and hair colors are waiting for you. With her, let’s call her Sugar Babe, you first go to the Maison Manesse, where you could still get hold of a reservation at very short notice. That alone is worth a party. But the first bottle of champagne is of course emptied on your business deal and on the beauty of your companion. This is also admired by your business friend, whom you invite to dinner together with his nice wife.

The dinner may drag on a little too long, but your companion is so eloquent and educated and your business friend can hardly tear himself away from her lips. Finally and at long last, the time has come. You say goodbye to the partner together with the wife and your sugar babe takes you to one of the hottest sex clubs in town. Here you will find extraordinary drinks, beautiful women and very successful men. In an intimate atmosphere you will get closer quickly and naturally. The young lady is educated, she speaks several languages and knows the business world very well. She knows exactly what you have accomplished that day and in no time at all she manages to make you forget the stresses and strains of the day. Her delicate long fingers will give you a massage for your neck and a promise for the hours to come. As you dance, she nestles close to your body and a little later you both decide to leave the club to continue your very private party in your hotel room. 

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