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Our wonderful ladies are very open-hearted and revealing, but they are by no means available to everyone. To get on a date with one of the ladies, you have to have accomplished quite a bit in your life. After all, we at Bern’s best escort service only have the best girls on our website. You must be able to afford to date one of our wonderful ladies. There are special offers at Aldi! We have quality at a top price. If you don’t have the resources to do this, don’t read any further. We warmly welcome everyone else to Bern‘s best escort service, the high-quality escort service!

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Do you have a reason to celebrate? Do you want to impress and convince your business partners at the same time? We at the best VIP escort service in Bern are happy to provide the supporting program for your business event of the decade. Our girls all come from good families. Most speak at least one foreign language, many even several. At High Class Escort Bern you have, in addition to German and French speaking girls, of course many who also speak English. There are girls whose mother tongue is Russian or Polish. Other ladies may speak Italian or Spanish and many other languages. Our Sugar Babes Bern are as international as your company. But that’s not all. Because our beautiful escort models are not only pretty, sporty, eloquent and well educated, they are also well educated. Many of the girls are students, some others are artists or models who are still waiting for the big breakthrough. What they all have in common is an interest in well-to-do, educated and successful men. So when you start your big event, these young ladies will be more than just decorative accessories. They will make sure that the mood is relaxed and amicable. The girls talk casually about business and politics, about art and culture and sometimes about family, life and love, of course. This loosens tongues and makes some brittle interlocutors reconsider their negative attitude. The ladies are good at making conversation and, if desired and with appropriate treatment, can also direct a conversation in a certain direction. Incidentally, this also puts the costs of a mega-event with Emma, ​​Chantal, Andrea and their friends in perspective.

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Once again you broke all records. As a self-employed entrepreneur, you have landed a big new fish. As a senior executive in a large listed corporation, you’ve received all the bonuses and the best end of the year, and now you want to celebrate. Just for yourself. But celebrating alone, as we all know, is no fun at all. Fortunately, there are the high-class escort models in Bern. These beautiful, gentle, willing and cuddly ladies look forward to celebrating your successes with you. There is the gentle Sophia, the natural Jessica or the wicked Viktoria and all their friends and they are just waiting to spend a wonderful evening with you. What can it look like? Well, that largely depends on your preferences. But remember. Whatever you want for the night, give the ladies the opportunity to get to know you a little better in advance. In the following you can read what an evening with one or more of our wonderful Sugar Babes Bern can look like.

An evening you will never forget

It is 7:00 PM and you are slowly walking down to the hotel lobby. You are used to the ladies always being late, so you are in no hurry. As soon as you enter the foyer of your luxury hotel, you will notice the crackling atmosphere. Something is decidedly different than it was an hour ago when you crossed the room to get to your hotel room as quickly as possible. After a brief panoramic look, you will see the reason for the excitement. A breathtakingly beautiful woman stands smiling at the front door. All eyes are on her, she doesn’t seem to notice. Instead, the beauty recognizes you and strides in your direction.
She extends her hand to you. Your handshake is cool and firm, but not like a man’s. She’s already blowing a kiss on your cheek. Anyone looking at the spectacle from the outside will believe that the two of you have known each other for a very long time. Nevertheless, your heart beats somersault and you invite the lady immediately for a drink in the hotel bar. Just to catch her breath a little, because breathtaking, that’s the right adjective to describe this girl. Over a glass of champagne, you both quickly find a common topic of conversation. Your pulse will calm down a little, if not too much. After the aperitif, we continue to the restaurant. You had thought of one of the expensive gourmet temples in Bern, but your Sugar Babe suggests the hotel restaurant. Why not? The food is excellent and the distances are short. Your hand is on your thigh even during the main course. But that doesn’t stop your companion from ordering a dessert and the cheese platter with a mischievous smile. “I just like to eat,” she admits, blushing a little, and you wonder where on earth this slender creature of heaven hides all that good food. But at some point this wonderful 5-course dinner will be eaten and there is no need to talk about the beauty of the high-class escort Bern accompanying you to your room. However, our theory ends here and needs to be replaced by your practice