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You could never have imagined that you would one day end up in Aargau? Do you like the peace and quiet of this region, but want to enjoy special moments every now and then? Or maybe it’s completely different. Maybe you belong right here, in Aargau, and yet something is missing in your life. We don’t know why you are here or why you want to come here, but we know how we can make your stay a memorable one. Contact your Aargau escort service and tell us what you want. Here you will find the most beautiful women in the canton.

What there is to know about Aargau.

The geographical location

The canton of Aargau is located in the so-called Mittelland, in northern Switzerland. It reaches into the eastern foothills of the Jura and takes its name from the Aare river. The main spoken here is Schwyzerdütsch, but many of these women in the region also have a lot of French blood. You will not only notice this in the proverbial French charm. These women are delicate and elegant, erotic and promising. The girls from the high-class escort service Aargau usually speak at least two other languages ​​in addition to German and one of them is erotic and melodious French.

The northern border of the Aargau is the river Rhine, on the other bank of which the economically strong German region of Baden-Württemberg borders. Of course, you can also drive over the Friedolinsbrücke and spend a special night with one of our wonderful Aargau women. Simply contact the Aargau Escort Service and tell us your preferences and wishes, we will take care of the rest for you.

In the south, Aargau borders the cantons of Zurich and Lucerne. It is only 40 kilometers to the city on Lake Zurich. Here, too, you will find wonderful escort girls and it does not matter whether you choose an escort in Aargau or Zurich, the most beautiful women are available here and there for you.

In the west, it is cozy Bern, the canton of Solothurn and the magnificent Basel landscape that border the Aargau. In all these regions you will find cozy hotels and wonderful restaurants where you can spend a wonderful time with one of our wonderful escorts.

The economic situation

Aargau is not the richest region in Switzerland, but it is blessed with solid prosperity. The economy is characterized by a balanced mix of industry and the service sector. Other branches are the construction and chemical industries. Recently there has also been an increasing number of IT companies in Aargau. Because Aargau, so close to Zurich and Lucerne, has dedicated itself entirely to the future. That is also the reason why we at VIP Escort Aargau have found so many beautiful girls in this region. After all, we all know that beautiful women like to be around promising men. But our girls are much more than just pretty companions! These ladies have class and style, they are educated beauties and want to be treated with respect. But then prepare heaven on earth for you, give it a try.

The high-class escort models from Aargau

As the Aargau Escort Service, we have a very specific claim. We only offer you the best girls, we guarantee that with our name. We are correspondingly picky about our ladies. All of our girls are exquisitely pretty, they have an excellent figure, sometimes with a little more, sometimes with a little less bust and, without exception, they are very sporty. But do you still remember the model shows on television? Beauty is not everything. Much more important than beauty is the character, the education and also the upbringing of these selected ladies. Our escort models come from good families. They are educated and well-bred.

You can be seen anywhere with these young ladies. Do you have an invitation to dinner? Would you like a weekend in stimulating company in a secluded luxury hotel in the canton of Aargau? Do you have a reason to celebrate and don’t want to spend the night alone? Our high-class escorts from Aargau guarantee you wonderful hours and unforgettable moments.

Enjoy your time with one of our VIP escorts

So let’s assume the day has come. In the lobby of your luxury hotel in Aargau, you will meet a goddess wearing stilettos. A gentle smile plays around the corner of her mouth and while you try not to stare in her direction with your mouth open, you register the admiring glances of the other men out of the corner of your eye. The young lady, let’s call her Chantal, recognized you immediately and hurried towards her. Anyone who’s been watching this scene – and believe us, any man is watching – will think the two of you have known each other for a long time. The greeting will be so natural and warm, with a light kiss on the cheek and a radiant smile.

Our escort models are as professional as they are natural. These girls are definitely not mass-produced – they are class women and you need nothing less than a class man. Once you greet Chantal at the lobby, this beauty will be there for you. Chantal will do a lot to ensure that you are both well. But, as everywhere in life, it is also with our escort girls: give and take should always be balanced. Our girls have made a conscious decision to work as escort girls for a few months or years. Of course, also because of the money most of them use to finance their studies or entry into an artistic profession. But all these beauties are also linked by a love for older and educated men. Compliment the young lady. Tell her about your interesting everyday business life. You will be surprised how much she understands about it.

In this way, you naturally get closer and closer with a glass of champagne and an excellent dinner. Perhaps you will take another evening walk and perhaps your hands will find each other in the moonlight and, slowly, while the Aargau lies down to sleep, you will both experience how their bodies feel naturally drawn to each other. Then the sex with one of our wonderful escorts in Aargau will be an extraordinary experience in a class of its own.